We pride ourselves in being very diverse in what we can deliver. We began working on the new Queensferry Crossing in September 2014. This is a joint venture by American Bridge International, Morrisons, Dragados and Hochtief, together known as Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors (FCBC).

We were invited to take part by one of the lead engineers for American Bridge International having knowledge of bridge works carried out by us previously. This Project consists of many types of different scaffolds ranging from basic to complex in design.

In the photos (picture 1) you can see the first falsework section being taken out by the barge crane. We erected a large number of scaffolds while this sections was onshore. The section you see in picture 1 is lifted into place on top of the large support in (picture 2) and another is added at the opposite side. Then they are connected together to give one large temporary platform where all of the early stages of preparing for the road sections to be dropped in place begin. From these platforms a road section will be added one at a time then cables attached before the next section is introduced. This operation is repeated in both directions until they meet in the middle.

To allow all this to take place the scaffolding plays a very big part and under a very tight schedule. Due to the professionalism and knowledge shown by our scaffolders working in some very difficult conditions, including – tight spaces, accommodation other trade professionals, and being open to all sorts of extreme weather elements, we have managed to stay ahead of schedule and on programme with all scaffold works.

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